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Big Brother Around the World  

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You will need two sources from the library databases.  Login - laconiahs and Password - sachems. Quotes should be MLA cited with a works cited page.


What is Big Brother?

Big Brother noun

1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a person, organization, etc, that exercises total dictatorial control


Choose one of these countries which has a “Big Brother-type government”, restricts media access and/or has government controlled media, and/or which manipulates the media for their political advantage (only one country per person): 

Iran, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Tunisia, China, Israel, Turkey, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Jordan, North Korea, Oman, Kenya, Palestine, Russia, Venezuela, Lebanon.  


Choose 15 of the following topics (1- 5 are required).  The information should be from the past ten years.  Cite your source for each note.  This is due Thursday, December 18th.

1) Your country: _______________________

2) Form of government (monarchy, democracy, dictatorship, in transition, etc.) and process of elections:

3) Population: _________

4) Adult Literacy Rate: _____

5) Schools (who goes and when, cost, curriculum):

6) # of TV stations: ______    Controlled/owned by government?  ____

7) Radio stations controlled by government?  ____

8) One law restricting what’s on TV/radio: 

9) # of cell phone subscribers/numbers:  _____

10) % of people with home Internet access:  ____

11) Estimated # of Internet cafes:  ____

12) One law restricting Internet sites, social media, etc.:  

13) One example of rebellion against the government by the “proles” using social media (Twitter, Facebook): 

14) One example of rebellion against the government by the “proles” using another form of media: 

15) Types of punishments/jail sentences for breaking media restrictions:

16) Restrictions put on journalists/news broadcasters:

17) Religion and its restrictions on daily life:

18) Ratings/censorship of movies and TV shows:

19) Restrictions on leaving the country:

20) Relations with other countries:

Examples of Topic Sentences

Poor Topic Sentence:   China has many scared journalists.

Good Topic Sentence:  China’s journalists are fearful for their jobs and, in some cases, their lives, so they are careful to report what their government wants them to report.  For example,

Poor Topic Sentence:    In Russia, there are many TV stations. 

Good Topic Sentence:  In Russia, the government does not restrict the content on its public-run TV stations, however, they do control some of the stations. 


Examples of Transitions

Last sentence of 2nd par:   Although ____________ is a small country, it has a large government with a lot of control over its citizens.
1st sentence of 3rd par:  One way that ____________ manipulates its people is by censoring the national TV stations.
Last sentence of 3rd par:  Because of all of these restrictions on TV journalists, ____________’s citizens do not have access to the truth of what is going on in their country.
1st sentence of 4th par:  The citizens do have more freedom when it comes to the Internet. 



In conclusion, _______________  manipulates its citizens by _____________________.  Even though there are many groups which have been protesting against this type of censorship, there is much more to be done.  The US government should advocate for freedom of speech on the Internet… 


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